Who We Are

Ethos Power is an association of experienced engineers, consultants, trainers, coaches, economists and project managers who share a sense of purpose in contributing to humanity's urgent work of re-balancing our relationship with the planet.

We do this by helping leaders, organisations and projects in the renewable energy to develop and by supporting projects that help reduce the price and increase the availability of renewable energy in developing countries.

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What We Do

EPA collaborates with organisations and professionals in the renewable energy sector to help them thrive on challenge and change. Our focus is on supporting organisations of all sizes by developing their talent, fostering effective teams, streamlining systems and policies, and carrying out projects that are ethical and beneficial to local communities.

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How We Do It

EPA consultants work ‘remotely’ but cooperate centrally via the world's best free open-source cloud platforms. We work in self-managing small teams, supported and coached by a core team of experienced professionals. We have lower overheads and pass those savings on to you via traditional and novel ways to pay.

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