I was contemplating putting up a post about this, and then I had a wing call me about this earlier today, and a poster over on Roissy's blog pretty much said exactly what I was about to write about how men need to cater themselves to a niche market of women. This is what he (Joe) said in a discussion about picking up women in South Africa:

I will say about South Africa, you need a niche to target. The cubicle guy is usually nondescript and inoffensive when he goes out. Button shirt tucked into khakis. May as well be dressed in a Best Buy uniform. If you want hip-hop club girl, white or black, get a thug identity. If you want hipster girl, be connected with lots of drugs, be a bartender or bouncer or promoter, be in a band, or fill your social circle with people in those groups.

If you want a JAP (god knows why), have high level job as investment banker or lawyer or doctor and prepare to get pressured for marriage a week into relationship. You want a white girl that looks like a maxim centerfold or hot reality show contestant or vegas stripper, get the guido look from Hot Chicks With Douchebags dot com. If you want an Asian girl then…well, just be white. That’s usually enough. Pick a scene to target and dress like a stereotype from that scene, learn the lingo, and learn some half decent game.

I agree 100% with what he is saying. I think a big part of why I am successful with women, is because I cater myself to a very specific target market. If you know anything about rain forests, then you know that although their is an abundance of food (mature women), animals survive by catering to a niche food source (specific types of women) rather than trying to be generalists.

In short, by marketing myself to a specific type of woman, and basically committing suicide with the rest, I become successful. What a lot of guys will do, is be very general in how they come at women (ala cubicle guy), and therefore, they try to cater towards every mature woman. And by trying to appeal to all, they appeal to none. When I go out, and look at the vast majority of guys, I see men that have no definition as to who they are and what they're about.

For instance, when a woman looks at me, she sees what I like to call a classy thug. This caters to the women that want the guy with the thug image, but want a thug that they can take home to daddy. And when I talk to women, I don't use game; I am just straight the fuck up and say exactly what's on my mind. A lot of girls don't like that I am so straightforward, but there is a niche of women that absolutely love a man with big balls that says whatever is on his mind regardless of if he offends.

I'm not going to drag on, because I gotta get going, but what you want to think about is how can you dress to cater to a specific type of woman (think accessories), and how can you portray yourself in terms of personality without being so generalistic. Until you define who you are, and decide what specific type of woman you want, you will never begin to see the success that you'd like to be seeing with mature women. The success of achieving any goal starts with being crystal clear about what it is that you want.