Our Purpose

"We need more enlightened leaders, but we need something more: enlightened organisational structures and practices." (Frederic Laloux)

Our purpose is to contribute to humanity's urgent work of re-balancing our relationship with the planet.

We do this by helping leaders, organisations, professionals and projects in the renewable energy sector to develop and by helping reduce the price and increase the availability of renewable energy in developing countries.

We aim to be of real service to you and your organisation.

Ethos Power is Our Response to Our Time of Crisis

Many of us at Ethos Power started our careers more than forty years ago, in more stable times. Ethos Power is our response to this time of crisis for humanity.

Our Team

We come from different cultures and value diversity of perspective as necessary to delivering durable outcomes. We honor the socioeconomic structures of the countries in which we work and deliver projects in ways that are ethical and strengthen local human capacity.

Meet our team

What We Do