Project tendering support

With decades of experience winning and executing tier-1 energy projects, our engineers can help you win projects that you can also deliver well.

Contact us if you need help with:

  • reviewing or preparing preliminary drawings, sizing calculations, system descriptions;
  • reviewing, clarifying, and commenting on scopes of works, project specifications and schedules;
  • developing new project specifications, schedules and scopes of work;
  • preparing and issuing requests for quotation (RFQs) to vendors;
  • assisting vendors provide compliant offers; seeking, providing and capturing clarifications;
  • collating, analysing, clarifying and making recommendations on vendor offers.

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Project delivery support

Our project engineering specialists can help you by:

  • attending or providing support for project kick-off meetings and pre-award contract negotiations;
  • preliminary drawing reviews, markups and approvals;
  • attending vendor factory pre-inspection meetings (PIMs);
  • negotiating and capturing variations with vendors and clients;
  • witnessing factory acceptance testing (FATs), maintaining punch lists;
  • reviewing pre-despatch documentation, test reports, photos, packing lists, special contractual delivery requirements, etc..;
  • systems installations, on-site testing, pre-commissioning checks, full system commissioning;
  • battery discharge / capacity testing;
  • identifying defects, maintaining punch lists and producing non-compliance reports (NCRs);
  • collating and reviewing final documentation - test reports, as-built drawings, manuals, etc.

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GHG accounting support

We offer qualified Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project support:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting services for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.
  • Estimation of reductions in GHG emissions and displacement from your RE project.
  • We apply the approved consolidated CDM baseline and monitoring methodology ACM0002: Consolidated baseline methodology for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources.

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Learn to Negotiate

A single contracting mistake can result in disproportionate loss. This course on negotiation is primarily intended for use in sales contract or project claim negotiations, but the general techniques described can also be used in other negotiation situations.

  • Category: Project Management, Business Development, Soft-skills
  • Difficulty: Advanced

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Learn the 'must knows' of batteries

This course is intended for anyone working on commercial or industrial projects that require batteries, anyone who is selling, purchasing, tendering for or executing a project involving batteries for standby DC or AC power system applications.

  • Category: Batteries, DC Power Systems, Power Systems
  • Difficulty: Beginner

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Learn how to install lead-acid batteries

  • Category: Batteries, DC Power Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Difficulty: Beginner

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Testing Lead-Acid Batteries

  • Category: Batteries, DC Power Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

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