We listen

Listening is our number one job. Clients hire us to solve a problem or provide advice and services. To do so effectively we must first understand exactly what you need. Not only are our consultants good listeners, they also ask the right questions.

We investigate

To solve problems we first gather facts about our client's current reality. We gather information about people, systems, historical data, reports, processes, policies and so forth, with which to form a fresh perspective.

We analyse

Using the data we collect, we study our client's reality. This gives us a better idea of the sources of the problem and indicates options.

We recommend...

After analysing the data we gathered, we then synthesise our findings into conclusions and recommendations.

The practical experience that our Associates bring plays a huge role in the quality of the recommendations they make. It is the experience of our consultants that makes their recommendations to improve your organisation, it's processes, operations, or whatever we have been asked to work on, valuable.

We make recommendations via meetings, written reports and presentations.

We catalyse change

Sometimes a long-established organisation needs a gentle push from an outsider to break free of its well-worn ruts. We act as catalysts to make new things happen in your organisation. We may advocate for a set of recommendations or push for the adoption of a product or service. We advocate for new ways of doing business.

We implement

Many of our clients want and expect us to help them implement our recommendations. Being external to your organisation helps us maintain a steady course for you and not be distracted by internal, political, or systemic issues.

We can...

  • Help you develop vision, strategy and policy;
  • Lead complex programmes;
  • Manage or assist on projects;
  • Consult with you and your staff to develop new services, products, business processes and implement new technology;
  • Improve operating performance, reducing costs and spend;
  • Deliver turnover growth, creating winning proposals;
  • Research, feasibility, and trade studies; bench-marking;
  • Leverage global supplier connections and customer networks;
  • Turn-around of under-performing businesses or products;
  • Manage supply chain performance and relationships;
  • Optimise value streams, business process design and improvement;
  • Resolve commercial disputes, providing mediation and negotiation support;
  • Create tomorrow’s leaders through mentoring and coaching;
  • Deliver bespoke and foundational technical and commercial training;
  • Implement a powerful, scalable, and easily customisable, cloud ERP platform with more than 30 integrated business applications;
  • Discuss of business development services with you.

We don't...

  • Sugar-coat our observations and recommendations.
  • Create problems where none exist.
  • Bite off more than we can chew.
  • Neglect you to chase next clients.
  • Forget that 'a little humility goes a long way'.

We provide guidance and support for free open-source cloud platforms

  • After years of trying and learning, we use, recommend and can help you set up the world's best free, open-source cloud platforms.
  • Let us help you establish your own self-hosted or managed instances of these platforms and train your team on how to get the best out of them.

Lift your organisation's game to a whole new level

Talk with us about possibilities for your organisation

We create useful web apps

Try these useful free  web-apps,
created by our Associates.

Hybrid power system simulator.

by Julius Susanto.

EN50272-2 hydrogen venting calculator.

by Vanya Smythe.

IEEE485-based standby DC power system sizing and cost estimator
by Vanya Smythe.

We won't harvest or disclose your data to others, use it for marketing, or contact you (unless you ask us to).
Please share these apps in your networks.

Develop an Effective Code of Ethics

This course is for those who are developing content for an effective code of ethics for their organisation.

  • Category: Soft-skills, Compliance, On-boarding
  • Difficulty: Advanced

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