We work remotely

EPA consultants work ‘remotely'.
We have lower overheads and pass those savings on to you.

We cooperate centrally

Our teams use powerful platforms for teams, which keep:

  • our people well connected and organized;
  • all stakeholder inputs recorded;
  • all decisions, approvals, files, tasks, deadlines, and communications safe, synchronised and centralised in our GDPR compliant, end-to-end encrypted platforms;
  • whenever we share project folders or files with you, grab what you need, when you need it - confident that you have the current version - while we focus on what's next for your project.

We work in self-managing small teams

  • We work in self-managing small teams with no middle managers.
  • Our teams are natural groupings, often formed by geography, activity, or type of client.
  • Most of us belong to 'client-facing' teams, so we sense directly our work manifesting our purpose and making our clients happy.

We use team coaching

  • Our teams learn a coherent set of skills and techniques for healthy and efficient group decision-making.
  • Within their training, team members deepen their knowledge in some of the most basic (and often most neglected) building blocks of human cooperation by learning and making their own agreements on:
    • different types of listening and different styles of communication;
    • how to run meetings;
    • how to coach one another;
    • team coaching;
    • right relating and professionalism;
    • and other practical skills.

We support our teams with specialists

  • We have a core team that supports other teams.
  • Rather than dependency on external staff functions, our self-management model fosters expertise within our teams, but for some specialist roles, or for coordination purposes, we have a core team: for instance, an engineering specialist who helps teams maintain and exchange best engineering practices, a financial controller to support budgeting, a lawyer, an IT specialist, an education and curriculum development specialist, regional coaches, a coaching supervisor, a CEO...
  • When teams get stuck, they can ask for external facilitation from their regional coach or, using the Ethos Power internal social network, turn to other teams for suggestions, as most likely another team elsewhere will already have grappled with a similar problem.

We operate on open source

Ethos Power Associates operates on these open-source, cloud-based platforms:

  • NextCloud: a GDPR compliant, end-to-end encrypted, efficient and easy to use online collaboration platform for teams (similar to G Suite but your data is completely private);
  • ERPNext: powerful, scalable, and easily customizable, cloud ERP system with more than 30 integrated business applications;
  • OpenProject: collaborative project management platform;
  • Moodle: online learning management system;
  • Mahara: e-portfolio for self-directed learning;
  • Discourse: modern discussion and help forum.

We would be delighted to help you establish your own instances of these packages (or use private spaces within ours) and train and support you in their use.

Contact us about open source solutions

We offer 'Pay What Feels Right'

You can purchase our services in the traditional manner - negotiate a fixed price, for example - or simply accept our open invitation to give to us what feels right to you.

What feels right to you might accord with the value that you see in the work we have done for you, or the value that you see in what our organisation does and how much you want to support our purpose.

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